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The Open Letter to President Trump




Dear Mr. President Trump,


I am In-Sook Lee and I have written to you three times previously, regarding your meeting with North Korean leader Mr. Kim Jeong Eun.  Thank you for your response and your discussions with Mr. Kim.  You have done an excellent job with Mr. Kim in the effort for finding peace and prosperity in the world.


There is still need though, to withdraw the US military from South Korea and make a peace treaty with North Korea.  There are war mongers in the United States that are trying to undo your great job by opening their big mouths with their lies.  They are working for their own profit and not for the safety of this country.  These Deep Staters know how dangerous it is if we have a nuclear war with North Korea, but they pretend that North Korea cannot retaliate with a nuclear weapon and these warmongers attack you with all kinds of fake stories.


North Korea is reluctant to get rid of their nuclear weapons because of their fear of being destroyed just like Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

North Korea has insisted that “the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula” means the denuclearization of the world.


A part of  the New Year Address made by the Leader  Kim Jeong Eun on Jan.1, 2019 states:

-------- We will never tolerate the interference and intervention of outside forces who stand in the way of national reconciliation, unity and reunification with the design to subordinate inter-Korean relations to their tastes and interests.

-------- I am of the opinion that, while meeting and holding talks beneficial to both sides with the US president in June last year, we exchanged constructive views and reached a consensus of understanding for a shortcut to removing each other's apprehensions and resolving the entangled problems.

------- But if the United States does not keep the promise it made in the eyes of the world, and out of miscalculation of our people's patience, it attempts to unilaterally enforce something upon us and persists in imposing sanctions and pressure against our Republic, we may be compelled to find a new way for defending the sovereignty of the country and the supreme interests of the state and for achieving peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.



After the DPRK-US summit meeting, the North Korea has fulfilled their promise one by one, but the US does not do anything other than implement more heavy sanctions against the DPRK and  military pressure on the N. Korean people. 


I can imagine the frustration and anger the North Koreans must feel.  They are possibly feeling very angry and thinking of  “A New Way” of resolving the issue. 

A possible scenario the North Koreans may think to do is “a nuclear-explosion-show” on the sea near New York to make Americans know that  their lives in danger under the US war-mongers’ influence and it might be trigger the Last Judgment Armageddon War.

So, if US will not do its promise with N. Korea, it might be better for you not to meet Mr. Kim anymore - it would be better to prepare for nuclear-war.   


Mr. President, I suggest you tell the public the truth                                          

: that as the president you have a duty to protect the lives and welfare of the American people, but that the warmongers only want to benefit their own profit and do not consider peoples’ lives if a nuclear war with North Korea were to happen.                                                                               

: that North Korean Missiles can fly in a zigzag pattern at extremely fast speeds, and has decoy nuke war-heads that are impossible to catch. 

: that If a nuclear war between US and North Korea broke out, more Americans would die than the North Koreans because N. Korea has been preparing for an attack with for 68 years and they have 547 km underground military tunnel(2005.05.14 JoongAng Daily News) and 11000 ~ 14000 underground camps(2003.11.14  LA Times), but US has none at all for its peoples.


Mr. President, if you state a clear warning on the dangers of a nuclear war, then the people against you would shut their mouths and the American people would follow your lead in a favorable way.

After you do it, you can fire all the Deep State staffs fighting against you. 


If there were opportunities for Americans to invest in North Korea, then their economy will improve, as well as create more profits for Americans.  For example, North Korea has $140 trillion worth of rare earth elements and also undeveloped petroleum, which accounts for almost the fourth largest amount in the world.   Explaining the possibly profitability in trading with North Korea to Americans would give Americans a change to allow a chance of more prosperity in the coming centuries.


I believe Pyongyang  is a good place to meet Mr. Kim.  The whole world would be watching this epic meeting between  the two worst foes having a cheerful talk and expecting a new peaceful world. You would be one of the greatest presidents stepping towards peace.


I very much support your policies regarding the peace treaty with North Korea, particularly when you announced to end the war and withdraw the U.S. military from South Korea.


Thank you for keeping your words.  These are some of the points that made me vote for you.  I truly believe you can make the world a more peaceful place.



Sincerely yours,



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