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Dear Mr. President,


I think we must take responsibility for our actions.  If our government is killing innocent people and destroying their lives, it is a crime we the citizens have done, since we are the ones that elected our government officials into office and we did not try to correct any wrong doing by the government.


Although I am a registered member of the Democratic Party and I have never voted for any Republican candidate, I voted for you because of one specific thing you said. 

Mr. Trump, you said that you would stop the war in the Middle East by withdrawing the U.S. military, and that you would speak with the North Korean leader Mr. Kim while eating a hamburger. 

Instead of keeping peace promises, you dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan and fired 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, and the war continues to go on.


Mr. Trump, you accused North Korea of violating human rights and of planning a military attack.

Let’s look at this from a different perspective.  

Mr. Bush attacked Iraq, accusing them of having weapons of mass destruction and accusing Hussein of oppressing his people.  The truth is, there were no weapons of mass destruction found, and based on that accusation the U.S. killed so many innocent people, and created more than 60 million refugees in the Middle East.

Prior to the United States attacking Libya, Iraq, and Syria, these countries were the greatest providers of human needs in the region. All three governments provided free housing, education, and medical care.  After the invasion by the United States, these innocent people’s lives were changed into living in hellish conditions.


If these countries had nuclear missiles to defend their populations against the U.S. military, could the Middle East have been saved and could their benevolent societies have been preserved?

This is exactly why North Korea cannot give up their nuclear weapons.

As long as the United States and other warmonger countries have nuclear weapons, North Korea is bound to keep theirs as a means of defense.


Mr. President, you accused North Korea of violating human rights, but the truth is, the United States has committed more serious crimes than North Korea.  The United States invaded many countries, killed millions of innocent people, and created refugees.  Not only did the United States overthrow elected government officials, they replaced them with cruel dictators like Iran’s king Pahlavi, Chile's Pinochet, Indonesia's Suharto, and South Korea's Park and Jeon. So many innocent lives have been taken by U.S. supported dictators.


According to NATO reports, 70 percent of Syrians supported Assad, but the United States has been trying to overthrow the Assad government which has resulted in about 400,000 dead and 7.6 million refugees.  Syrian people were happier in the old days when housing, education, and medical were provided by the government.

Is this American democracy? 


North Korea's role in the 2018 Winter Olympics were a big part of it's success, and the North and South Korean people are happy participating together as one family.

The USA separated North and South Korea in 1945 and created the divisions between them.  Many families were torn apart by the division.  Families should never be torn apart by force.


USA (USAMGIK 1945–48) occupied S.Korea using the colonial-era traitors in high positions to establish S.Korea as an “Anti-communist Fort.”  More than 120 thousand innocent people were killed before the war broke out, even though 77% of the people wanted their country to be socialism (USAMGIK 1946 Report).

The US-Korea war in 1950-1953 killed 5.2 Million N. Korean people, which was 1/3 of its population, and destroyed North Korea totally saying it had “become the stone-age.”  But the Korean people stand up.

Did the actions of the USA in Korea do right for democracy and human rights?


Mr. Trump, you said North Korean people are so poor that they are suffering from starvation under Kim’s regime, but the United States is actually causing starvation by implementing sanctions and threatening military action.

It is a miracle that North Korea’s economy is running on its own and that people can get a house, medical care, and education, without even paying one cent.


When the flood swept 11,928 houses along the Duman River in North Korea, the government built better houses than the previous ones the victims had in 3 months’ time, right before the cold weather.  The government supplied them with household supplies, even with toilet paper. That’s why the people follow Kim as great savior or great father in heart although you call him dictator.

Compare this to the Katrina victims who have been suffering for a long time and still are trying to get back on their feet.

Compare that with the 61,000 homeless living in Los Angeles, and the numerous sick people unable to go to the hospital in the United States.  According to a UCLA report in 2016, 1 in 3 regularly skip meals and worry about becoming homeless.  

The number of prisoners in United States is more than 2.2 million people, almost ¼ of the world’s prisoner population!


Mr. Trump, you talk about North Korean defectors as a way to paint a picture of North Korea as evil and oppressive.

Do you know that most of the North Korean defectors are criminals, like Mr. Oh Cheong Seong who ran across the Joint Security Demilitarized Zone to escape charges of being a murderer?

I heard that the South Korean C.I.A paid for some brokers to bring over defectors to South Korea or the United States by using ‘humanitarian mission’ as an excuse.   The United States uses these defectors to accuse North Korea for witch hunting.


Mrs. Rheon Hee Kim said that she realized she was cheated when she was handed over to a KCIA(S.Korea CIA) officer in Seoul right after arrived to S.Korea in 2011, and she cried to go back home to husband and daughter in North Korea, but the South Korean government wouldn’t let her go back yet.

The South Korean C.I.A. kidnapped 12 North Korean employees who were working at a North Korean Restaurant in China and nobody knows what happened to them now.

Isn’t that a crime? 


Suk Gee Lee, a South Korean lawmaker, is in nine year prison sentenced jail because he used the same word N.Korea use “IMinYiCheon” which means “For the people is the will of God,”  a phrase that has been used for hundreds of year in Korea.  Is this American-style democracy? Is this humane?


You criticized North Korea regarding Otto Warmbier, who died of a neurological disorder.  As Mr. Warmbier was about to travel to North Korea, he was experiencing a headache and had asked his travel guide to cancel his trip while they were still in Peking.  Mr. Warmbier collapsed in North Korea and the medical team took care of him well enough to survive for one year.  A doctor from the United States said Warmbier was well enough to travel back to the States.  Mr. Warmbier was well enough to be assisted down from the airplane by being carried under the arms.  He didn’t even need a stretcher, but yet he died six days after his return.

Mr. Warmbier, who is a brave and honest man, said that his knowledge and perception about North Korea was completely different from what he heard.  He found that the propaganda about North Korea was totally fake and said that he would tell people the truth when he goes back home.

So who really profits by Mr. Warmbier’s death, North Korea or the United States?

The United States benefits by keeping secret about fake North Korean propaganda, and by keeping Warmbier’s mouth shut, they can use his death to accuse North Korea of murder. 

While none of American civilians were killed in North Korea, more than 500 American travelers were killed in Mexico.  But I have never heard of Mexico being accused of being murderers.


The United States sanctioned Iraq in 1990, which killed 1.7 million civilians in a span of 12 years.

North Korea is still sanctioned even more strictly than Iraq.

I have never heard of such cruel sanctions in human history. It is an act of war.

So many people killed in the name of human rights?  The massacres by US warmongers are to further the cause of human rights?


Japan took 8.4 million Korean men for forced labor and army use, and more than 200,000 young girls as sex-slaves in the 1940’s and have never apologized for their crimes.  Is Japan not a violator of human rights?


This is the reality among American warmongers that pretend to have a democratic and conscience society, but instead care only about propaganda that serves their interests.

They have 2 tongues like a serpent, speaking one way but meaning something different.


 According to a January 2018 article in the NY Times, The Trump government is preparing for war against North Korea.


The South Korean congress stated that 10 million North Koreans are suffering from malnutrition because of food shortages. I don’t know if it is true or not, but it is certain that they cannot import food because of United States sanctions.

If you put yourself in the shoes of the North Koreans, how would you react to the sanctions against them?  These sanctions are impacting their way of life and denying them basic necessities like food. 


Citizens of the United States have a responsibility to correct their government to follow a righteous path.  As an American citizen, we must feel responsible for all this destruction.


No one in this world can survive a nuclear war, except most North Koreans who can evacuate and hide under their 200-meter-deep underground bunker which were built for 65 years.

We have little time to ignore this situation.

We must negotiate with North Korea immediately.


There are five things North Korea might ask.

First, they may ask to end the Korean war.

Second, they may ask for a peace treaty between North Korea and the United States.

Third, they may ask to withdraw U.S. military bases in South Korea.

Fourth, they may ask the U.S. for a $65 trillion compensation to North Korea for indemnify (this one can be solved by handing over South Korea to North Korea instead, because U.S.A. is Supreme Command and Korea is practically a colony of the U.S.A.  This relationship was based on an agreement America struck with Japan in 1905, called the “Taft–Katsura agreement,” which allowed that Japan could occupy Korea and America could occupy the Philippines.)

Fifth, N Korea may state that they not be required to scrap their nuclear weapons program, as long as warmonger countries have nuclear weapons. It is the only way for them to survive. They may ask U.S.A. to destroy its nuclear weapons first, then they will follow it.


Even if a peace treaty was signed between the United States and North Korea, the North Koreans will never trust the U.S. because they have never kept their promises to third world countries.



The North Korean missile Whasong 15 flew up to 4,475km, which means it can reach New York and Washington D.C.  When Whasong 15 fell down to its target, it proved itself capable of enduring high temperatures.

The only way to avoid a nuclear bomb over our heads is if we sign the peace treaty with North Korea without any conditions. 

You make it impossible to talk with North Korea about giving up their nuclear weapons program because of your unreasonable demands and threats.  


No one wants to live with a nuclear bomb looming over their head.

Mr. Trump, as promised, you must speak with Mr. Kim Jeong Eun while eating that hamburger, and sign a peace treaty now. 

Let every American citizen live with a peace of mind.


Sincerely yours,


Feb 24, 2018  


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