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북녘 | All Koreans Called on to Open Second June 15 Era of Reunification

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All Koreans Called on to Open Second June 15 Era of Reunification


The North Side, South Side and Overseas Side Committees for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration issued an appeal on June 15, the 16th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 joint declaration.


The appeal said that with the adoption of the joint declaration the passion of all Koreans at home and abroad to settle the issue of national reunification independently by their concerted efforts pervaded the whole country.


But all the precious achievements made by the Koreans with much effort were ruthlessly destroyed by the anti-reunification forces, the appeal noted.


All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration called as follows reflecting its will to glorify this significant year as a historic year to be specially recorded in the history of the movement for national reunification by joining hands with all political parties, organizations and personages at home and abroad:


Let us thoroughly respect and implement the north-south joint declarations, the landmarks of the Koreans for reunification, and thus improve the inter-Korean relations and actively achieve national reconciliation and unity!


Let us open a new era of national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification by implementing the north-south joint declarations!


There can be neither the reunification of the country nor co-prosperity of the nation without peace.


All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration agreed to hold the event common to the nation in Kaesong to mark the 16th anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration, prompted by the patriotic stand to open a new chapter for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and independent reunification by bringing to success the nationwide great meeting for reunification.


Let us hold the event common to the nation and a football match between workers from the north and the south for reunification in Seoul on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of Korea’s liberation on all accounts, hold meeting of various public circles including young people, students, peasants, women, media persons, academicians and religious persons and thus liven up the atmosphere for improving the inter-Korean relations and open a new path of reconciliation and cooperation!


Let us resolutely hold back Japan’s moves for reinvasion aimed at encroaching upon the territory and sovereignty of the Korean nation under the pretext of the military tension on the Korean peninsula and join efforts to provide the Koreans in Japan with the national right and vital right!


The appeal called for getting united under the banner of the north-south joint declaration to usher in the second June 15 era of reunification, a new era of peace and reunification, without fail.



[Source: Uriminzokkiri]



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