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북녘 | Park Geun Hye’s Story of “Meaninglessness of Dialogue” is Slamed

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Park Geun Hye’s Story of “Meaninglessness of Dialogue” is Slamed



Park Geun Hye at “memorial address” on June 6 cried out for “continuing strong sanctions and pressure until the north opts for denuclearization” while viciously slandering the DPRK’s bolstering of nuclear deterrence for self-defense. Earlier, she solicited “international cooperation for pressure” to do harm to the fellow countrymen and trumpeted about “denuclearization first and dialogue next” during her overseas trip.


Her close confidants are chiming in with their chief executive in spreading the story of “meaninglessness of dialogue”.


This is a sordid and frantic story aimed at escalating confrontation and viciously challenging the DPRK’s patriotic proposal for dialogue.


The aim sought by Park Geun Hye and her close confidants in inciting atmosphere of confrontation while spreading the story is to check the victorious advance of the DPRK at any cost, tide over the present ruling crisis and chill the enthusiasm for reunification running high across south Korea with the anniversary of the June 15 joint declaration as a momentum.


Military provocations being ceaselessly committed by the puppet military warmongers in the southwestern hotspot waters and in the sensitive areas along the Military Demarcation Line clearly prove the dirty aim sought by the puppet authorities in floating the story of “meaninglessness of dialogue”.


Should the south Korean authorities finally opt for war, while spreading the absurd story, we will mercilessly wipe out anti-reunification forces with just war for reunification and achieve without fail the historical cause of national reunification, the cherished desire of the fellow countrymen.


[Source: Uriminzokkiri]



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