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북녘 | Songun and Self-Development Serve as Source of DPRK’s Strength

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Songun and Self-Development Serve as Source of DPRK’s Strength



Songun and self-development serve as the source of strength of the DPRK making a great leap forward and development despite the enemy’s vicious military threat and harsh economic blockade.


Looking back on the past, the hostile forces have become all the more desperate in their moves for “sanctions” and military threat in a bid to arrest the advance of the DPRK toward the final victory. Joining in such moves, riff-raffs have worked hard to block the advance of the DPRK.


However, the DPRK has dynamically advanced to reach the eminence of final victory while resolutely smashing injustice with its transparent independent faith, revolutionary principle and the pluck and grit of Paektu.


The U.S. imperialists’ bombast that Korea could not rise up again even in a hundred years and the hostile forces’ prediction that the DPRK would collapse in three days or three months, three years at the latest and their wild dream that the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts can never succeed have all gone bust.


No force on earth can match the DPRK, a country which knows no word “impossible” and possesses the tremendous strength called self-development.


The enemies are working hard to block the service personnel and people of the DPRK from dashing forward like the wind toward the final victory of the cause of the Juche revolution.


Their revolutionary will and mental power to defend socialism, their life and soul, at the cost of their blood and certainly build a socialist power by their own efforts are being given full play.


Everything is being done correctly according to the blueprint and timetable of the Workers’ Party of Korea and we are sure to emerge victorious once again.



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