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S. Korean Authorities are Urged

to Take Proper Stand toward Inter-Korean Agreements



To set store by the agreements common to the nation and honestly implement them is the only way of removing the danger of war on the Korean peninsula, improving the north-south relations and opening a new chapter for reconciliation, cooperation, peace and reunification.


The three principles of national reunification, the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration agreed upon and declared by the north and the south of Korea serve as a great program for independent reunification, agreements common to the nation to be invariably held aloft in improving the inter-Korean relations and solving the issue of national reunification as they reflect the desire and requirements of Koreans and specific conditions of Korea.


They indicate the principle to be consistently adhered to in promoting the improvement of relations between the north and the south and achieving national reunification and the most reasonable and constructive ways of comprehensively expanding and developing exchange and cooperation in all fields such as politics, economy, culture and humanitarianism.


The attitude toward the three principles of national reunification and joint declarations distinguish reunification, peace and patriotism from division, war and treachery.


Had the agreements common to the nation been implemented, the inter-Korean relations would not have undergone turns and twists but great progress would have been made in realizing the cause of national reunification.


Now hanging low over the Korean peninsula is the cold air of confrontation and dark clouds of war being brought by the south Korean authorities in collusion with outsiders.


If the inter-Korean agreements are nullified with the change of situation and the replacement of regime in south Korea, no agreement to be made by the north and the south will prove useful.


The south Korean authorities should be well aware of the desire of all Koreans and requirements of the times and abandon their attitude and stand of denying the agreements common to the nation.



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