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The Happiest News



On April 19, 2001, in the period of the Arduous March, General Kim Jong Il visited a newly built fish farm.


He asked the officials there, “What was the output of rainbow trout for last year?”


The answer was not satisfactory.


Feed for the fish was of a high calorific value, so mass-producing them was too costly. To keep the fish farm going, they had to earn foreign exchange by selling the small amount to hotels.


An official told Kim Jong Il frankly about this situation.


“So you sell the fish to hotels,” muttered the latter with a regretful look.


“From next year we will increase the output and supply the fish to the people,” pledged an official, still feeling remorseful.


The General emphasized that they should do so without fail and never sell the fish to the hotels. Then he said that if they were determined to increase the output to 100t, he would ensure enough supply of feed. He reaffirmed that they should not sell their products but supply all of them to the people.


At that moment another official said hastily that they had provided the people with some of the fish on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (April 15, President Kim Il Sung’s birthday), adding that there were many who expressed thanks for Kim Jong Il’s care.


The General beamed, “You supplied rainbow trout to the people!”


Repeating what he had just said, he praised the officials highly and said that it was the happiest news he had ever heard.



[Source: Uriminzokkiri]




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