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북녘 | Former “Whistles” Singer bringing up the younger generation

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Former “Whistles” Singer bringing up

the younger generation



       I blew whistles last night as well,

       Just as I have done for months.




The song Whistles, created in 1990, is still enjoying great popularity among the Korean people. So is People’s Artiste Jon Hye Yong, the former star at the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble who sang this song for the first time. Until now her name reminds the people of the song.


As a saying goes, one looks back on the past merrily at present and will recall today joyfully tomorrow.


Jon was born as a coal miner’s second daughter on August 10, Juche 61 (1972).

The following is what she wrote in her diary in her childhood.




June 1, Juche 66 (1977)


Today, I won the first place at the national kindergarten children’s art festival. Mom was so pleased that she prepared a feast for me in the evening.

Tonight I want to dream about becoming a famous soloist.




July 30, Juche 71 (1982)


Today I pinched myself often to make sure I was awake.

Our fatherly leader Marshal Kim Il Sung enjoyed our artistic performance with a broad smile on his face.


Even though I had won the first place at the national schoolchildren’s art festival held in celebration of the 36th anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union, I have not dreamed that I would have the honor of singing solo and give pleasure to him.

This moment of glory will be unforgettable.






March 30, Juche 72 (1983)


Now I am a student at Kumsong Senior Middle School, and can sing to my heart’s content at the schoolchildren’s palace. I set out for Japan as a member of the Pyongyang Schoolchildren’s Art Troupe.


When I sang the song Warm Is the Homeland’s Affection, the audience shouted “encore.” I was crying seeing the teary eyes of the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, who were longing for their country on this alien land and defending the national spirit.

It was in the autumn of Juche 80 (1991) when Jon made her second tour of Japan as a pop singer of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble that she was nicknamed Whistles singer. The mass media gave wide publicity to her distinctive voice and lively and refined appearance.





Her name is still held in loving memory all throughout the country, as she achieved her childhood dream of being a famous singer by performing 200-odd solo pieces and thus winning the title of People’s Artiste in Juche 81 (1992).



After Leaving the Stage


Jon is now devoting all her efforts to the education of the rising generation as a vocal instructor of the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace. Although over a decade has passed since she left the stage, she is yet called “sentimentalist” or “singer enjoying thunderous applause.” She is in her mid-forties and has a daughter of 13 summers. But her attractive and refined voice retains its clear and fresh qualities as ever.


When she was enjoying the climax of her career as an icon of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, she was attacked by paralysis in the vocal chords. She felt she had been falling into an abyss, and the thought of her quitting the stage tormented her. She was soon given the best possible medical treatment at the expense of the state and at last regained her beautiful voice. The gifted singer, who had once languished in distress, was now given a second life thanks to the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea that takes responsible care of the people’s destiny.


Afterwards, she gave a wonderful performance of contemporary masterpieces, to the delight of the audience.


Five years ago she began to work as a vocal instructor of the Mangyondae Schoolchildren’s Palace.





On major anniversaries she makes great sensations on the stage as the People’s Artiste.

She sang songs as emotionally as in her girlhood at the artistic performance Song of Memory and the 10 000-strong artistic performance Great Party and Brilliant Korea, both held in 2015 to mark the significant Day of the Shining Star and the 70th founding anniversary of the WPK, respectively.





With a single mind to prove herself worthy of the state’s close concern, she finds the genuine worth and joy of her life in rearing the younger generation of Whistles singers, while helping them nurture an ambitious dream.


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