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S. Korean People Called upon

to Get Towering Grudge of Ferry Sewol Victims Settled



The Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League and the Korean Children’s Union organizations issued a joint statement on April 9 nearly two years since the ferry Sewol disaster.


The statement said that the ferry Sewol disaster was the worst tragedy that can occur only in the corrupt south Korean society and a high treason that can be committed only by the cruel Park Geun Hye group.


It went on:


The ferry Sewol disaster was a clear reflection of the true picture of the south Korean society and, at the same time, an omen of a miserable future under the Park Geun Hye rule.


The present situation in south Korea is reminiscent of the huge ferry Sewol that sank to the bottom of the sea and its captain is none other than cruel, dirty and incompetent Park Geun Hye.


The south Korean youths and students have to clearly see through the miserable reality and turn out in the action to carve out genuine future.


The angry shouts of the departed souls of the ferry Sewol urge revenge on ogre Park Geun Hye.


Time has come for youths and students to take to the streets for actions to take revenge for those who met grievous deaths and not to face such miserable fate as them.


A number of parents of students in the south who are being deprived of all the beloved things of their lives in return for voting for murderer Park Geun Hye, please resolutely punish the Park Geun Hye group of murderers, root cause of evils, if they wish to punish the killers of their children and want to see their souls come back and if they do no longer want to see their children meeting miserable deaths.


Park Geun Hye should clearly understand that she will have to pay dearly for the monstrous crimes she committed by throwing innocent children into the abyss of misfortune and disaster and turning the whole land of the south into a barren land and a veritable hell, and that even after her death her dirty name and body will be cursed generation after generation.



[Source: Uriminzokkiri]



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