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북녘 | The Mobile Cage-net Fish Farm in the Taedong River

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The Mobile Cage-net Fish Farm in the Taedong River



Late last year a mobile cage-net fish farm was newly set up in the picturesque Taedong River between Okryu Bridge and Rungna Islet, and now is visited by lots of interested people. The fish farm is tended by the workers of the Taedonggang Fish Farm and Breeding Fish Production and Supply Center. They say they hit upon the idea of setting up the farm because the state was concerned about supplying plenty of fish to the people.


Fish-breeding team leader Kim Chol Nam says, “Our respected leader Kim Jong Un visited our farm in November last year and said that the mobile cage-net fish farm was a great reserve for solving the problem of fish supply to the people and, placing great trust in us, gave instructions to produce fish in abundance so that people could benefit substantially from it.”


At first, their fish culture was in a small way. In particular, they had little technical knowledge and experience about mobile cage-net fish farming and so their work made progress at a snail’s pace. However, they decided to get rid of the old ways of work and to take a bold step forward and buckled down to establishing the new fish farm. At the same time, they pored over latest sci-tech books related to fish farming, and resolved problems arising in fish culture in the context of their practical experience. Along with this, they procured necessary materials for setting up the fish farm. At last, their efforts bore fruit and a mobile cage-net fish farm made an attractive appearance in good keeping with the scenery of the Taedong River. It dispensed with pumping equipment and was capable of producing a large quantity of fish with less labor.


The fish farm with an area of over 1 600 square meters consists of many polygonal net cages for breeding various species of fishes, but it looks neat. The floating cage-nets have a good water environment so that the fishes can grow well. The fishes like silver carps, Ryongjong carps, carps and shellfish are put in different depths of water in keeping with their specific characters.


Further, the fish farm has a feeding system capable of preventing water pollution while economizing on feed. It also has an integrated maintenance system to measure water temperature, pH value and the quantity of oxygen in real time and automatically control feeding, times and hours of feeding, light traps and decorative lights net by net. The fish farm bears good fruit because it is favored by warm sunshine and a large quantity of plankton.


They have solved the problem of power for the management of the fish farm by solar batteries and set up a nice resting place for the employees. While keeping the cage-nets in a good state, they carefully watch fishes in their movement and feed and take measures to prevent them from diseases in different seasons.


Fish breeder Choe Ok Chol says everybody is trying hard to get well versed in all technical problems of the fish farm, adding: “Whenever I think how to get the fish in the nets delivered soon to the people, I feel my work is very important.”


Today under the wise guidance of Marshal Kim Jong Un cage-net fish farms are increasing day by day.



    ▲​The mobile cage-net fish farm   in the Taedong River




  ▲The mobile cage-net fish farm   in the Pothong River




  ▲ The mobile cage-net fish farm   in the Pothong River



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