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“It Is Natural For Us.”


One of these days Han Yong Hui, manageress of the Taedonggang District General Grocery Store in Pyongyang, and her workers went to visit the Munhung Primary School in the district.


Headmistress of the school Ri Song Hui and teachers and pupils welcomed them who brought with them computers, TVs and many other things necessary for education for contribution. They are close friends now, not because they are in the same district but because Han and her workers are always caring for the school.





Here goes a story. One day Han, passing by the school on business, saw the playground being rearranged. She got off and walked into the headmistress’s room to know how to help the school. The headmistress said no thanks to her, for the school was being supplied with everything by the district administration. Returning to her office, Han had a consultation with the workers. Then they sent weathered gneiss and salt to the school. When the nationwide work of equipping classrooms with intellectual facilities was going ahead, the store management helped the school sincerely. Asked whether it was her alma mater or her kids went to the school, Han says, “Our country spares nothing for education of children, and we should take responsibility for the school work ourselves, and it is natural, whether my kids are studying there or not. Successful education will make our country thrive and assure the happiness of our own.”


Han, born into a teacher’s family, well knew how great care and efforts the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government directed to the educational affairs. She herself learned at university free of charge and her husband is a teacher at Kim Il Sung UniversityThat’s why Han has been deeply interested in supporting the school though she was busy looking after the supply of foods to the local people. She also encourages her workers to take an active part in the work of helping schools. Now the store is counted as one of the best contributors in the district to the work of supporting schools.

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