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북녘 | Sepho Area Evolves into a Livestock Farming Base

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Sepho Area Evolves into a Livestock Farming Base



The Sepho Plateau that covers a wide area of Sepho, Phyonggang and Ichon counties in Kangwon Province is about 600m above sea level on average. Known for copious rain, heavy snow and strong wind, it remained abandoned for a long time, overgrown with shrubs and purple eulalia.


But the plateau is undergoing remarkable changes, since legions of workers from across the country volunteered to reclaim it into a promising livestock farming base in accordance with the grand nature-remaking plan put forward by the Workers’ Party of Korea to provide its people with a more affluent life.


The volunteers were all determined to create their well-being by their own efforts, because it can neither come from heaven nor be brought by others.


They boldly broke away from the existing view that it was impossible to conduct the reclamation project in winter, and pushed ahead with the work in the biting cold of around 30ºC below zero.


While turning over the land, they applied over 170 000 tons of slaked lime and a million tons of organic fertilizers to improve the acidic soil and increase its nutrient content. They also erected all the buildings to be fit for use and meet the scientific and technical requirements, which blend well with the natural landscape and are impeccable even by the standards of the future.


As a result, the plateau, a weedy place three years ago, has been turned into a far-stretching artificial pasture with a drainage system, hundreds of hectares of windbreaks, a forest of 12 600 hectares to protect grassland.


A large-scale natural pasture was also created in conformity with the mountainous features, and about 2 000 km-long roads for grazing and other purposes were newly built.


Set up in the area are a general control room for providing unified, scientific and technological guidance to livestock farming in such a wide area, a livestock research institute, a breeding stock farm, veterinary and anti-epizootic center and others.


As suited to the climatic feature of the Sepho area with strong wind, wind turbines and water pumps have been set up to use natural energy sources in boosting production and improving the standard of living.


A production cycle is being established to irrigate the pasture by using liquefied biogas and its leftovers, cultivate vegetables in greenhouse by employing hydroponic technique, and ensure balanced development of mushroom, fish and livestock farming.


The Sepho Plateau is becoming ever greener thanks to the patriotic devotion of the workers to create their well-being on their own.


[Source: Uriminzokkiri]


























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