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DISCLAIMER. Korean American National Coordinating Council, Inc. does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of some of the information or content contained in this website. These are only introduced for the Korean Americans and others to have a direct access to know the positions of the DPRK (North Korea) and some other opinions of ROK (South Korea). 

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공지 world STOP REPRESSION IN SOUTH KOREA! 인기글 편집실 2013-09-16
1587 국제 Statement by H.E. Mr. Kim Song, Ambassador\\and Permanent Re… 편집국 2020-11-19
국제 Statement by H.E. Mr. Kim Song, Ambassador\\and Permanent Re…
Statement by H.E. Mr. Kim Song, Ambassador\and Permanent Representative of the Democratic People’s …
편집국 2020-11-19
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 7. The Final Campaign
[Reminiscences]Chapter 24 7. The Final Campaign       &…
편집국 2020-10-11
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 6. Across the Korea Strait
[Reminiscences]Chapter 24 6. Across the Korea Strait      &n…
편집국 2020-10-10
북녘 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Delivers Speech at Military Parad…
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Delivers Speech at Military ParadePyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) …
편집국 2020-10-10
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 5. For Unity with the Anti-Japanes…
  [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 5. For Unity with the Anti-Japanese Patriotic Forces…
편집국 2020-10-09
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 4. The Spirit of the Nation
  [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 4. The Spirit of the Nation    &…
편집국 2020-10-08
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 3. The Breakthrough in the Operati…
  [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 3. The Breakthrough in the Operations against Japan&…
편집국 2020-10-08
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 2. The Flames of National Resistan…
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 24 2. The Flames of National Resistance Flare thr…
편집국 2020-10-05
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 24. Nationwide Resistance against The…
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 24. Nationwide Resistance against The Japanese&nb…
편집국 2020-10-04
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 9. Nurturing the Root of the Revol…
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 9. Nurturing the Root of the Revolution &…
편집국 2020-10-03
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 8. Fighters rom Northern Manchuria
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 8. Fighters rom Northern Manchuria  …
편집국 2020-10-02
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 7. With My Comrades-in-Arms of the…
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 7. With My Comrades-in-Arms of the Northeast A…
편집국 2020-10-01
북녘 [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 6. Formation of the International …
   [Reminiscences]Chapter 23 6. Formation of the International Allied Force…
편집국 2020-09-30
[제목으로 보는 노동신문] 10월 30일(금)
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유투브로 보는 조선중앙텔레비젼 보도 10월 30일(금)
[사진으로 보는 노동신문] 10월 30일(금)
[제목으로 보는 노동신문] 11월 1일(일)
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[사진으로 보는 노동신문] 11월 27일(금)
유투브로 보는 조선중앙텔레비젼 보도 11월 26일(수)
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