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DISCLAIMER. Korean American National Coordinating Council, Inc. does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of some of the information or content contained in this website. These are only introduced for the Korean Americans and others to have a direct access to know the positions of the DPRK (North Korea) and some other opinions of ROK (South Korea). 

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north Peerless Patriot's Loving Care for People
Peerless Patriot's Loving Care for People       The great leader …
편집국 2019-02-18
north [photos] A Sublime Beauty of Baekdoosan, North Korea
A Sublime Beauty of Baekdoosan, North Korea          …
편집국 2018-12-07
north Interrelationship between Denuclearization of the Korean Pen…
Interrelationship between Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and “Normalization of the …
편집국 2018-10-15
north DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho talks with TASS about nucle…
DPRK people demand US be punished by 'hail of fire' for aggressive policy — top diplom…
편집국 2017-10-12
north Speech at UN by H.E. Mr. RI YONG HO, Minister for Foreign Af…
  Statement by H.E. Mr. RI YONG HO, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic P…
편집국 2017-09-23
147 north Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Hits out at Germany's Pr… 인기글 관리자 2016-08-14
146 north DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesman Accuses U.S. of Stirring up … 인기글 관리자 2016-07-02
145 north Presidium of SPA Ratifies UN Convention against Transnationa… 인기글 관리자 2016-06-16
144 north U.S. Urged to Make Bold Decision, Facing Up to Trend of Time… 인기글 관리자 2016-06-11
143 north Death of Kang Sok Ju Mourned 인기글 관리자 2016-05-21
142 north DPRK People Hail Kim Jong Un’s Election as WPK Chairman 인기글 관리자 2016-05-13
141 north Seventh Congress of WPK Opens with Splendor 인기글 관리자 2016-05-06
140 north KCNA Report on Conclusion of 70-Day Campaign in DPRK 인기글 관리자 2016-05-06
139 north Kim Il Sung: A Great Man of the 20th Century 인기글 관리자 2016-04-11
138 north Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon Held in Pyongyang 인기글 관리자 2016-04-10
조선이 말하는 새로운 길은 무엇인가?
자신의 운명을 나락으로 끌고 간 트럼프대통령
재미동포전국연합회 12기 제23차 총회(정기) 진행
North Korea: Achievements in Health and Education
조미대화 파탄 낸 주범이 밝혀졌다.
Pyongyang set to break off denuclearization talks with Washi…
[진실2] 민족통신의 만행을 고발한 독자의 글
북, 민족자주의 원칙을 확고히 견지할 것 강조
[진실5] 민족통신의 만행을 고발한 독자의 글
북, 과거역사를 전면부정하려는 일본을 규탄
조선외무성 통보모임에서 밝혀진 미국의 오만과 궤변
[사진으로 보는 노동신문] 3월 22일(금)
[제목으로 보는 노동신문] 3월 22일(금)
유투브로 보는 조선중앙텔레비젼 보도 3월 21,20일(목,수)
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